Vanilla Espresso

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Sweet, Indulgent
Rich, Deep

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Regular price $5.99
Regular price $7.49 Sale price $5.99


Available in 10 or 30 Aluminum Capsules


Pleasant roundness in taste gives way to subtle zesty notes in the aftertaste, that compliment the aromatic vanilla.


Imagine a vanilla that is rich and deep, holding its own against the roasted espresso profile. Perfectly balanced with something that feels instantly sweet and comfortable, yet never overpowering.  

A new kind of authentic vanilla espresso experience that unlocks new expectations of what coffee flavor can do.  Pure, authentic vanilla notes.

  • Round
  • Delicate
  • Rich vanilla


  • L'OR BARISTA System
  • Nespresso Original Machines*

*Trademark used is of a third party, not related to JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS

Craft your favorite café beverages with L’OR single-serve espresso capsules, masterfully blended and curated by L’OR Coffee Artists.

    The Ultimate Brewing Experience

    L'OR BARISTA system

    Coffee & Espresso Brewer


    An all-in-one system designed for that moment of pure coffee pleasure, without complexity.

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